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If you are feeling ill or cannot make it into work, please call your immediate supervisor first.  Then fill out the form below.  Please review the attendance/pto policy below the form to ensure you are following Champ's procedures.  

Step 1: Fill out this form

Contact Us

Please let us know why you'll be out

Thanks for submitting!

Step 2: Call your manager

1. Ashelee: 856-229-1177 (leave a voicemail if you do not get a hold of her)

2. Michael: 609-850-1173 (leave a voicemail if you do not get a hold of him) 

3. Pat: 856-535-6855 (leave a voicemail if you do not get a hold of him)


Regular attendance and punctuality are essential for the smooth operation of this company. Employees are responsible for their own communication with management or their Manager regarding their attendance. It is not the responsibility of other staff members to relay an absence or tardy to your Manager. Employees must report their absences or tardies each day. Employees are required to call and talk with their Manager more than 2 hours (120 minutes) or 1 Hour (60 minutes for 6am shift) before missing their scheduled shift, or it will be considered a no call, no show. 


Employees must clock in no earlier than 5 minutes prior to their shift start.  An employee is considered late if they clock in 5 minutes past their shift.  When clocking in employees must be dressed and ready to work (ie: have eaten, used restroom, etc). 


When absence is due to illness, Champ’s Dog House reserves the right to require appropriate medical documentation. If an absence is more than 2 days, a written physician release is required for an employee to return to work.


Excessive absenteeism or tardiness can result in discipline, up to and including discharge. If an employee is absent or tardy 3 times in any given 30-day period they will be subject to progressive disciplinary actions. Any employee with 1 unexcused absence (no call no show) in a calendar year will voluntarily end their employment. All attendance-related issues will be applied to your employee performance reviews.


If you are absent from work without notice or explanation for two or more consecutive days, you may be considered to have voluntarily terminated your employment.

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