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Welcome to Champ's


At Champ's we work hard, but we also make sure we are dedicated to the growth of our team members by providing a culture of respect, inclusiveness, and collaboration. 

This page is dedicated to you.  

"As the owner and founder of the Champ's my main focus is to make all of our locations a great place to work.  I rely on my team to help drive our mission, purpose and values." 

Mission Statement

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Pat Quinn

Owner & Founder 

Champ's Dog House

Champion Dog Products

Champion Puppy Training


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We want to get to know you better

Thanks. We will use this as a tool to help motivate you and create an awesome, fun atmosphere for all of our team members.

Not only do we want to know you, but we also want YOU to be in the know.  Not only about what may be happening in your facility, but also important information such as attendance policies, professional work place guidelines, and more.  For more information about how we work to create a safe, inclusive environment, please click here.  


Training is essential to to the core development of our team members and our mission of providing great service to our clients.  In an effort to make training more convenient for our team members, in addition to hands on training, we provide app based learning.  Below are the steps to get access to your learning material.


Download the Champion Puppy Training App here


Create an account by clicking Course Sign-In

(you must activate your account via email to get access to your training material)










Consume training material 


The Champion Philosophy of learning is centered around the concept of continued education.  We will continually provide education and training on industry trends, new products, and handling skills.  If at any time you feel you need or want more training please see your immediate supervisor.  


It is our goal to help you grow with the Champ's organization.  Depending on your career path we provide continued training, performance reviews, incentive based pay programs, and leadership training.  

We will help you grow by addressing four concepts: Path, Communication, Opportunities, Teamwork. 


Identify your path.  The first step to grow within the organization is to ask yourself what you would like to achieve.  You can have long and short term career goals.  We want to make sure that our values at Champ's align with your personal goals.  

We can help you identify areas and avenues of growth within our organization. 

During your onboarding, your supervisor will discuss this to ensure your goals are being achieved throughout the year. 


A great way is to facilitate growth is through communication.   You can ask for honest feedback on your performance as well as helpful insight on your strengths and weaknesses as a team member.

You can also ask your supervisor to inform you of any opportunities within the company to expand your skill set or continue job-specific education


Sometimes your work can become mundane if it's below your skill level.  When you need to feel inspired let us know.  We're happy to include team members in special projects, complex tasks, or increased responsibility that helps your team and the organization.  

Along the way we will offer self assessments to all of our employee's as well as team member engagement surveys so that we can improve your life at Champ's through active listening and taking action. 


Teamwork is an important part of growth because it helps solidify professional relationships and teaches the value of working with others. In most cases, you'll be part of a team at work, and showing leadership qualities can open up new opportunities for you.

Every team member plays an important role in our organization and we want to make sure that the team is nutured so that success follows. 

At Champ's we understand that we're not always going to get it right.  We will always strive to meet your needs as it relates to the purpose, mission, and values of the organization.  

Here are some things as a team member you can always count on:

  • Integrity

  • Honesty

  • Fairness

  • Accountability

  • Promise to Customer Satisfaction

  • Diversity and Inclusion 

  • Learning

  • Fun

  • Teamwork

  • Passion

  • Commitment to Quality 

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