At Champ’s Dog House, it simply isn’t enough to be great at grooming.

To ensure a wonderful grooming experience, we...

  • provide a pleasant and relaxing check-in for you and your dog

  • take detailed notes from previous grooms to ensure we “get it right” every time

  • value input from you as to what you want your dog’s cut to look like

  • add the extra touch by offering seasonal, holiday, or themed bow and bandana options

  • have a commitment to not shave matted dogs unless it is a last resort and is discussed with the owner first

  • give you a call before your dog is ready, so you can get back to your day

  • let you know how your dog did while being groomed

  • provide a check-out process that gives you ample opportunity to inspect your dog’s groom

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We have a team of groomers that take pride in their work, and more importantly, care about you and your dog.

We want you to feel like Champ’s Dog House is your dog’s home! 


We realize that some dogs feel about the groomer the same way some of us humans feel about going to the dentist. If your dog falls into this category, know that we do not take this lightly. We strive to do everything possible to ensure your doggie the most positive and least stressful experience possible. 

The difference is in the de-tails - That's why we offer competitive & all-inclusive pricing!

Nail grinding – Ear Cleaning – All Natural Shampoo – Hand Blown Dry – Brushing – Anal Glands & Conditioner as Needed

Ready to get started?

We have three different grooming locations for you to pick from. 

Which grooming option is best for you?

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Use catchy, fun text to tell people what you offer.

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