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Tired Dogs Make Good Dogs


We have a talented and dedicated staff that first and foremost, loves dogs! This shines through while checking in and out. We seek out employees and cultivate a culture where we are just as excited to serve our human customers as we are our four-legged guests. Yes, we are all dog people, but just as importantly, we are people, people too!

We have a growing business model and are in this for the long run. You are not a dollar sign. You and your dog are a relationship. We know how important your dog is to you. That means by default, the care and service we provide is sooo important. We don’t take our responsibility and duties lightly. In doing so, we look to partner with our customers over their dog’s care. Having the partner model of your dog’s care means it is essential for you to set us up for success by giving us feedback, because your opinion matters.





Monday - Friday 


Saturday & Sunday 

8:00am-5:00pm (June 1)



Same Day


Sibling Price 

$20 Prebook 

$21.50 Same Day 

All dogs that come to Champ's go through a first day process which includes an evaluation day.  During the evaluation we are looking for overall temperament, energy, and recall.  

All of our dogs take rest breaks through out the day.  It is helpful for your pup to be crate trained as it helps with the rest process.  

At Champ's our play yards are very active so our facility is ideal for dogs who can easily run and play without major health or medical concerns.  

Our play yards are grouped together by disposition and size and supervised by trained staff at all times.


Evaluation Days are done Monday - Thursday by appointment at 9:30am, 10:30am, and 11:30am. All dogs must be fully vaccinated with Rabies, Bordatella (every six months), Canine Influenza, and DHHP.   

Champ's is not ideal for dogs with aggression, elopement risk, behavior problems, or a bite history.

Champ's does offer a comprehensive training program for puppies and adolescent dogs.  Click here to learn more. 



In order for your Champion to have the best boarding experience Champ's boards regular daycare customers.  

If your dog is deemed "green," you may reserve boarding for your Champion on their third day of daycare OR after one day of daycare and a trial overnight.  

When you pup is staying with us our rates are all inclusive.  We do not charge for medication administration, feeding, or 1:1 attention.  All we ask is you bring your Champion's food individually bagged for their meals for the length of their stay. 

All boarding stays require a $100 deposit.  If you Champion is staying only one night, the total is due at time of the reservation to secure your spot.  

All boarding stays are paid in full at the time of drop off.


For information about terms and conditions of boarding please click here.  

Monday - Sunday 

Drop Off Between 6:30am-11am


$60/Night 7 days or more

Sibling Rate

50% off Second Dog

Pick Ups After 11am are subject to a $20 fee


Our goal is to provide a pleasant and relaxing check-in for you and your dog.  We take detailed noes from previous grooms to ensure we "get it right" every time. 

We will text your 15 minutes prior to your dog being completed and will provide an easy check out process so that you can get back to your day after your dog's groom.  

We do encourage our clients to pre-book their grooming appointments to ensure  that you get your preferred time and groomer.  When you pre-book within 8 weeks of your next groom we offer a 5% discount plus a free teeth brushing.  

With three convenient locations including mobile grooming we offer plenty of options to ensure your pup is looking good all year long.

  • Shampoo and Wash

  • Nail Trim and/or File 

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Anal Glands if requested

  • Bandanna or Bow 

Additional services offered:

  • Skunk Bath

  • Flea Dip

  • De-Shed 

  • Cat Grooming

  • Teeth Brushing 

  • and More

All Grooming and Bath Dogs include:



I've been training puppies in busy homes like yours for over 20 years.  Our extensive, customer service oriented program has been helping families stop unwanted behaviors while channeling their puppy's natural drives in a useful manner creating rapid results that last a life time.  Our utility based training focuses on giving you and your puppy the ability to live the life you want.

If your dealing with issues like:

  • Nipping

  • Jumping

  • Chewing

  • Potty Training

  • Leash Walking

  • Recall

  • Obedience

  • Training Around Distractions

  • or your Unique Concerns


WE CAN HELP! Click here for more info.

Our Training Includes

  • 1.5 Hour In-Home Session

  • 5 x 1:1 Weekly Sessions

  • Unlimited Phone Support

  • 21 Day Online Course

  • Success Survey

  • Puppy Playbook

  • Socialization

  • Champion Stances

  • Jr. Puppy Trainer Checklist

  • Guaranteed RESULTS



Taking care of your champions is not only our passion, it's our promise to you.  


Each of our team members takes pride in the efforts we take to ensure the safety, comfort, and care of your champion.  We have implemented policies with our team that have increased the attention and care each of your champions receive. 


Due to the nature of our business some times we are busier than usual and may utilize all team members to take care of the pups.  This may lead to an increase in wait times when calling to make reservations, update vaccinations, or schedule appointments. 


We encourage our clients to text or email for faster, quicker communication.  The text feature goes directly to our team members and they can quickly access your account and respond while "on the go." 


You can also utilize the Gingr for Pet Parents App and Online Portal by clicking here. This page will provide a clear path for you on how to set up your account, book your first reservation, and manage your account. 

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