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Our bootcamp model creates major changes on multiple fronts very quickly.  All these changes all at once create very quick, very noticeable results.  Extreme calculated action on multiple fronts for a short period of time is way more effective than doing a slow paced intro program that nets a slightly noticeable difference at best. 


How We Do It!

Drives (Food, Play, & Chewing)

Your puppy is a primal beastie! Let's get those drives revving higher so we can put your puppy's drives to work for you, not against you. 

  • You are underutilizing your puppy's meals. 

  • Nipping is a great energy outlet and can also be utilized to teach impulse control and responsiveness to you through play. 

  • Chewing the right bone, the right time, the right way changes your puppy's "free time" to "focused time."


Daily Schedule & Obedience

If you can win the day, you can win the dog! Our first priority is making sure that your days are organized and running efficiently.  This will help create consistency with your and your puppy.

Next we teach your how to have your puppy relax and respond to you naturally without treat based training, especially when it matters most.  


The difference between the novice and the pro is their level of specificity when it comes to executing the basics.  Your ordinary tools will become extraordinary once we teach you how to use them when it matters most. 

Energy Management

Owners use time as their primary benchmark to manage their puppy and there can be numerous repercussions for doing so.  "Managing time" is another way to say "going through the motions."  Let us teach you how to “drive the process” and look at giving your puppy’s drives a home. 

We want your puppy to be “the go anywhere, do anything while being  relaxed and responsive" kind of dog.  Many owners envision this, but do not have a tried and true plan.

There's where we come in.  Champion Puppy Owners and Champion Puppy's get to participate in real world situations so that they are a dog on the go.  



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