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Terms, Conditions, & Cancellations


All dogs must be full vaccinated with the following vaccines prior to their first day.

  • Rabies 

  • Bordatella (every six months)

  • Canine Influenze 

  • DHPP 


We consistently review our policies and procedures in accordance with recommendations from vets in our area.  We are continually reviewing them and each year may/may not make changes based on new studies.  At this time Titers have been a subject of increasing awareness, however, there hasn’t been enough research yet for us to say whether or not they would protect against the illness.  Given the amount of dogs in our care and the social and communicable setting, we require the vaccination to protect all dogs in our care.  We understand this policy may not be for every one, but for our setting that is how we can best protect each dog on a consistent level.  

Due to the communicable nature of our facility there is always a risk your dog may become ill.  Our vaccination policy and stringent cleaning policy mitigates these issues, however, it is not a guarantee.  

For more information about communicable illnesses associated with daycare please check out our Health & Wellness Page here

All dogs must be spayed or neutered by 6 months.

Our Daycare runs on a Flag System. 

  • Green - no issues or unwanted behaviors

  • Yellow - few unwanted behaviors or minor incidents 

  • Red - incidents no longer suitable for daycare 

We monitor behavior constantly at Champ's to ensure your dog and other dogs are safe while in our care.  If we notice any behaviors we will communicate them with your and create a plan for your dog to remain in daycare.  We encourage all of our dogs to go through training to maximize their experience at daycare and out in the world.  We do offer training at Champ's for this convenience. For information about our training program, click here

If your dog has not been to daycare in 6 months we may ask you to do a reintegration day. 

At Champ's you pay at the time you book your reservation for future dates.  This is considered a daycare package.  Due to the nature of our business we require 48 hours advanced notice if you need to cancel or change your reservation in order to preserve your daycare package.  Reservations cancelled after the 48 hour timeline will result in your daycare package being forfeited. 

Daycare closes at 6pm.  If you are going to be late please let us know.  A $10 charge may be assessed to your account for pick ups after 6pm.


Boarding vaccination requirements are the same as daycare.

Due to the nature of our facility and the social play areas we only board dogs that come to our daycare.  We ask that all dogs that wish to remain boarding dogs come to our daycare at least once a month. In order to board at our facility your dog must complete either 3 days of daycare or a day of daycare and a trial overnight.  In some situations we may require additional days of daycare in order to board your dog.  This is for the safety and overall wellness of your dog.  

Boarding drop offs are between 6:30am-11am.  This is so that your dog has all it's energy expended and can easily acclimate to the facility for his/her stay.  Pick up time is between 6:30am-11am.  Any dogs picked up after 11am will be charged a $20 late pick up fee.

If you you are a regular daycare client and have not been to our facility in 3 months we may ask you to do another day of daycare or trial overnight prior to your boarding reservation.  This can be based on prior visits or lack of visits.  

At Champ's we do not need to bring toys, blankets, or bowls.  We do require you bring all medications in the original pill bottle with the dog's name, prescription type and amount. We do not charge for basic medication administration.  However, if your dog requires insulin there will be a $10/day fee for the administration of insulin. 


 All food must be individually bagged and labeled for the length of your dogs stay.  If food is not properly prepared you will be assessed a $10 food preparation fee.  

We require that all boarding dogs have an emergency contact that is able to pick up your dog should we require pick up due to illness, behavior or other situations.  If you cannot pick up your dog within eight hours of the request you may incur a $200/day fee for the length of the time your dog is in our care.  

We require a $100 deposit for all boarding reservations.  At the time of check-in your $100 deposits will be credited to your reservation.  Payment is due in full at the time of check-in.  For one night stays we only require a deposit equal to the cost of your stay. 


72 hours notice to cancel or change your reservation.  If you cancel after the the 72 hour time frame your deposit will be forfeited.  

We do not offer boarding drop offs or pick ups on the following days:

  • New Years Day

  • Easter Sunday

  • Memorial Day 

  • July 4th 

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Day 


All grooming dogs must have current rabies vaccination. 

We require 24 hour notice for cancellation.  Cancellations done after the 24 hour period expires will be subject to a $20/hour fee for the length of time it takes for the groom of your dog.

1 hour = $20

2 hours = $30 

We do our best to ensure that we can properly groom your dog.  If your dog is severely matted an additional charge my apply.  Your groomer will notify you prior to discuss process and cost.  As such, if your dog exhibits aggression your groomer may discuss alternative options to ensure the safety of your dog AND/OR the groomer. 

Mobile grooming appointments will be subject to a $50 service fee plus the cost of the groom.  

Mobile grooming is offered to dogs 60 lbs or less.  

A credit card is required to secure all grooming appointments.  

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