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Updated 2/1/2023

Over the past few weeks we have had several dogs present with Kennel Cough or an Upper Respiratory Infection..  

We are OPEN and operating as normal.  This update is only a precautionary measure to ensure timely communication.  Please keep an eye on your Champion for signs or symptoms of any illness and be sure to leave your Champion home and communicate them to our team if they arise. 

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A TRUE EMERGENCY CONTACT that is not traveling with you in case of an emergency and your champion needs to be picked up.  

Please be advised that this update applies specifically to our Daycare and Boarding clients. 

We will continue to update you regularly so you can continue to make informed decisions about your Champion.  


If you are reading this it's because your Champion is a regular at Champ's Dog House and we are committed to the health and wellness of all our Champions.  It is our goal to communicate things we feel you should keep look out for that could negatively impact the health of your beloved furry family member.  

The good news is that under normal circumstances the risk level is fairly low and worst case scenarios typically involve a straight forward treatment plan as advised by your vet. 

We remain stringent in maintaining our Champions are vaccinated and that routine cleaning is performed consistently.  In the event that something like this sneaks into our ecosystem, we do everything we can to communicate early and often.   You will receive updated texts and emails if you have been with us recently or have a scheduled appointment with us.  


If your Champion seems lethargic, has a loss of appetite,  has a cough or something just seems off....



If your dog is boarding with us we need a TRUE, LOCAL EMERGENCY CONTACT in case your dog presents with an upper respiratory infection while boarding with us as we will require your emergency contact to pick up your champion.  

Please know we do not take the care and overall well-being of your Champion lightly!  One of the downsides of a socially active dog is communicable illness such as upper respiratory infections. Know we are more aggressive than ever with obtaining vaccines, cleaning and communication.


We look forward to getting this out of system and getting Champ's life back to normal for as long as possible.  Know that this will happen again.  Even when communicable illness is not apparent we stay vigilant in identifying it and are ready to take quick action.  


We truly apologize for the inconvenience, but put your dog's health first!  Thank you for your understanding. 


Should you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly at 856-229-1177 and read the page below for more information. 

We want to educate you on the following in hopes of:

  • Identifying any concerns as early as possible 

  • Treat at your vet promptly 

  • Communicate any concerns to us (so we can share with our team and other owners)

  • Isolate when in doubt keep your possible sick pup at home

The concerns listed below are not unique to Champ's.  Treatment plans may vary, please see your vet for specific treatment options for your dog. Here are some things to watch for that are communicable: ​


Hit the play button to hear what kennel cough sounds like.


Watch this video to learn more about bloat and how it can effect your puppy. 

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