If you are reading this it's because your Champion is a regular at Champ's Dog House and we are committed to the health and wellness of all our Champions.  It is our goal to communicate things we feel you should keep look out for that could negatively impact the health of your beloved furry family member.  

The good news is that under normal circumstances the risk level is fairly low and worst case scenarios typically involve a straight forward treatment plan as advised by your vet. 

We want to educate you on the following in hopes of:

  • Identifying any concerns as early as possible 

  • Treat at your vet promptly 

  • Communicate any concerns to us (so we can share with our team and other owners)

  • Isolate when in doubt keep your possible sick pup at home

The concerns listed below are not unique to Champ's.  Treatment plans may vary, please see your vet for specific treatment options for your dog. Here are some things to watch for that are communicable: ​


Hit the play button to hear what kennel cough sounds like.


Watch this video to learn more about bloat and how it can effect your puppy. 

Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 8.59.13 AM.png