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Why a Board & Train

  • It gets you an even higher level of relief and results faster

  • When your puppy is completely removed from its normal environment it places your puppy out of its comfort zone and into a programmable state

  • We know exactly what to do

  • We are professional trainers and have a higher level of consistency versus your consistency and handling skills

  • We immerse your puppy in a social settings and stimuli in a controlled way

In a hurry?

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Board & Train Message

What do we do during the board & train?

Your puppy’s day under our care follows the “Champion’s Daily Regimen” we have contained in our course.  We are all about creating “stations” and culminating relations with activities and biologically rewarding things for your puppy to get in a “zone.”  Our goal is to sneak training in while your puppy is in a “drive state.”  That way we can “train no, through go.”  Our approach hopes to make “training so fun, your puppy won’t even realize it is learning.”


The “Champion’s Daily Regimen” during a Board & Train


Sprint: We will train through activity utilizing food, play, hiking and walks.  After we are done “working” your dog it is then time for play or a chew down.  Your dog will then spend time playing with other dogs at our daycare or chewing in a focused manner.   


Chew Down:  After actively working your puppy will spend time in our office, lobby or trainers home on its cot chewing.  We make it a point to establish a relationship with different bones while working on impulse control.  We culminate relationships with a variety of bones, so when you get your puppy back you have multiple bones with varying values that you can now rely on.  


Rest: Your puppy will learn to be calm and sleep while confined even in a stimulating environment.   Going back to the ideas of “stations” and “zones” it is important that we develop a dog that is not a picky eater, chewer or sleeper.  Being able to be confined and sleep even though you are in a stimulating environment is a life skill and a sure sign your puppy is less likely to be overly excitable, chasing distractions or be anxious. 

What do we train? 

Our training is 100% utility focused.  That means we understand your struggles, goals and lifestyle.   That is why we fill out our board & train questionnaire together at the start of the process.  We will always start with the end goals in mind.  Nipping, jumping, barking, potty training, inappropriate chewing and other “puppy problems” are just a few of the behavioral concerns our program addresses.  


Sprints: During our active sessions your puppy will learn to:


  • Walk with slack on the leash

  • Sit when you stop or on command

  • Stay when it sits

  • Stare at you (when doing active drills)

  • Not wander from you

  • Come when called


Chew Downs:  Allow us to do “duration work” with your puppy.  That means that when you are watching your kids outdoors sports game or out to eat at a restaurant your puppy is used to staying put, in a relaxed manner for an extended period of time.  


Rest: As mentioned we train “no through go.”  We do a lot of “go.”  Just as important as it is to establish “on switches”, establishing an “off switch” will be a nice feature for you to use when you get your puppy back! 

Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 5.05.24 PM.png

What makes our board & train different?

We only take two dogs at a time.  We believe in quality over quantity. Since board & train programs are time consuming, most board & train programs make their money from volume.  Traditional board and train programs have a “crate and rotate'' daily schedule where they are constantly drilling obedience.  These programs are normally very e-collar intensive.  This takes away from letting your puppy’s natural drives lead the way.  We want to tap into what makes your puppy a dog.

Where will your dog be?

Another major difference in our board & train program is that your puppy will spend a mix of its time with our Senior Trainer as well as in our facility all depending on your Champion's individual needs.  This creates better, more natural results and has your puppy enjoy the best of different environments.  Not only does it provide natural down time from the stimulating environment in our daycare/training settings, but it allows us to cross train in a comparable environment to what your puppy will be in upon its return back home. 


Your puppy will be:

  • In daycare play groups

  • Outside 1:1 sessions

  • Inside 1:1 sessions

  • In stores

  • At sports practices/games

  • At our trainers home

  • Used as our demo/distraction dogs for our 1:1 sessions with our other training clients…This allows us to sneak in controlled reps around distractions all day!

What does it cost? 

The cost of our Board & Train Program is $2,800.00* for a 14 day stay.  

*If you are an existing training client we deduct your initial investment of $699 from the total.

Want to get started? Click the button below to set up a Q&A Call

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What can you expect when I get my dog back?

Your dog will not be a robot, but it will definitely be a way better version of itself! We will demo for you its new found relaxation and responsiveness around distractions.  We will do some food and play drills together that showcase how you can continue to “work” your puppy when you get home.  During pick up we will also cover with you how to walk, hike, go to place/crate, stay on place, threshold training, your specific goals/issues and how to maintain your puppy using the Champion’s Daily Regimen as your guide. 


What do we expect from you when you get your dog back?

We put in a lot of work on your behalf.  We do not want all our gains made during the board & train to fall by the wayside.  You now have a different dog at pick up than you did at drop off.  

We expect:

  • You consumed the online course material

  • You “drive the process” by anticipating what the next station your puppy will be at and putting your puppy on that station before it requests for it.  In doing so, this keeps you in the driver seat and habituates your puppy to your schedule and not the other way around. 

  • You keep up with doggie daycare (or another equivalent high intensity, long duration sprint) twice a week for the next couple weeks.  

  • A “can do” attitude 


What support do you get after the board & train?

  • We make ourselves available to our clients more or less 24/7.  Simply text 1-877-CHAMP.

  • A training call 2 days after your pick-up session.

  • A 1:1 session 5 days after pick up. 

  • Continued phone and 1:1 in-person sessions for life

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