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Hello Team, 


I wanted to take the time to make a few announcements that I’ve been excited about as it pertains to both Champ’s and my personal life.  


  • We recently received approval to develop and build the much anticipated Champ’s Dog Resort.  We will be closing on the property at the end of the month.   Champ’s Dog Resort will be located in Southampton, less than 10 minutes down the road from Champ’s Medford, just off the 70/206 circle.  This state of the art facility will provide more opportunity to serve our champions by creating jobs and also creating growth opportunities for our existing team members.  Inside it has not just a pool for our Champions, but a small water park too. This facility will contain an indoor pool, small water park and an outdoor turfed area complete with beach, pond, fountain, and dock.  The scope of this project is quite big and as an organization we are committed to ensuring that this project does not inhibit the financial successes we’ve had with Champ’s Medford, Marlton, and Mt. Laurel.   With that said, we are not breaking ground anytime soon.  This brings me to my next two points.  


  • Over the last year we have put systems in place to engage our grooming, daycare, boarding and training clients to become Champion Dog Product clients as well.  We will be providing more support to our front desk and leadership team to help drive bone sales now and into the future.  We can all agree dogs that go through our training program are way better off for having done so.  We feel it is our mission to provide support to owners so they can better serve their dogs.  The same is true as it relates to the  impact of our doggie daycare.   Our daycare gets dogs off the couch and gives them a place to come and be dogs and socialize appropriately and safely.  I wholeheartedly believe that dogs are better when they get to engage with their own species in a safe, fun, and caring environment. I have seen this same impact on dogs who get to chew a variety of bones on a routine basis.  Play, chewing and eating are the three major areas of what makes dogs, dogs.  


Our services and recently our products help dogs become better, more biologically fulfilled versions of themselves.  I feel good knowing that the more owners we can awaken to the above idea the better their dog's life will be. This model will ultimately help fund a future facility that provides an even better space with more ways to engage and care for the dogs (and owners) in our community.    


Now systems are created to acquire, package, market and fulfill orders, our most product knowledgeable team members will be at each facility to better connect our customer services teams with our clients.   


  • Pre-pandemic I was ready to take my family across the United States with the mission of keeping dogs alive and thriving.   However, prior to heading out on the road I started to realize that in order to achieve this goal, our training course and business model still needed a little love.  Fast forward three years to today and with the help of some amazing people, I feel prepared to chase down my dream again.  We have invested in a leadership team that has my utmost support.  We have restructured our training course to simplify the process from start to finish and have refined the training process so that not only are we providing relief to many dog owners in our community, but we are delivering results each and every time.  My dream is centered around impacting as many people as I can and helping as many dogs as I can.  I want to help as many owners and future trainers come together for the betterment of dogs in communities all across America.  To do that, it does mean I have to expand my reach.  Due to a fortuitous situation, that dream becomes a reality next month.  My partner has been transferred to Denver, CO. and as of September 9th I will be moving to Colorado to expand the Champ’s organization.  I will be maintaining residency in both this local area and Denver, CO to support future Champion Puppy Trainers.     



For those that have been with me for what seems like forever, thank you for helping build Champ’s into what it is today.  This is yours as much as it is mine.  For those that have just started, thank you for choosing Champ’s and allowing me to share my vision with you.  Just because I might not be here doesn’t mean that I am not available.  Please store my contact card in your phone if you haven’t yet and most importantly do not hesitate to reach out to me. 


I am sharing my dream with you because I believe that in order to reach our potential we must speak it, shout it, scream it, and most importantly LIVE IT.  Your help allows me to live my dream.  My hope is that I can provide the vessel for you to serve other people and dogs while growing your career as well.  I want to help you live your dream, as much as you are helping me live mine.   We are in this together!   





Champ's Dog Resort Southampton

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