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Bathe & Save Promo

Will save 5% on all product purchases the same day as the groom (applies to any grooming service)

How it works

1. Clients will receive a text prior to their groom with a shortlink that explains the Bathe & save Program.   This will be included in the normal reminder texts. 

Sample Text:

Grooming booked on {start_date}! Want to save 5% on products click for our Bathe & Save



2. The customer will also receive a text the night prior that encourages them to sign up for a Champion Rewards Account.  The text will encourage them to validate/check their account so that when they come in they have $5.00 waiting for them to use.  


3. When greeting the customer at Check-In make sure to tell them about the Bathe & Save program: 


“Don’t forget today you save 5% on any product purchased.  

If you’re a Champion  Rewards member you also get 10% back on all future purchases.” 


4. When the customer checks out to purchase something you should be asking, “do you have a rewards account with us?”  If they do then you will type in the customer name as shown below.


5. If the customer does not have a rewards account, you can direct them to the promo material that will have a QR Code for a simple sign-up process.  You can also add them manually into the system.  They will receive and email that will require them to validate their account. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-27 at 12.13.06 PM.png

6. Discount code for 5% back is SAMEDAY5.  There is a tile on the POS.  Click that and then the rewards balance as shown below.

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