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Positive & Professional Working Envirnoment


At Champ's we ensure that all of our team member have the ability to work in a safe, positive and professional work environment.  We do this by fostering Culture, Accountability, and Communication. 

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Pat Quinn

Pat is the creator & founder of Champ's Dog House, Champion Puppy Training, and Champion Dog Products. 

An avid lover of life, music, outdoor adventures he spends most of his time working on how to grow the Champ's organization and the team members he employs.  

"I want to make sure that I provide opportunities for my team to grow at work and in their personal lives. That's the dream." 

Michael Goins

Michael is in charge of business development, information technology, and  people & culture operations


Michael enjoys his work.  While not enjoying his hot air balloon, he  enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time with family.  He also loves baseball, The Revolutionary War, and NPR. 

"We all have a part to play.  I enjoy seeing people and processes come together to create something  amazing."


At Champ's we believe in working hard, having fun, and being the very best you can be.  We hope that fostering an environment where our team members can thrive by providing feedback, empowerment, and support, Champ's employees are proud of where they work and represent our brand in their everyday life.  

We also support an environment that is inclusive, focuses on diversity, and positive change for our community.  

We ask that team members be aware of their surroundings, be kind to their peers and act in a professional manner when at a Champ's location.  Champ's does not condone certain behaviors such as, but not limited to, discrimination, sexual harassment, theft, use of racial slurs, or negative/hostile work environments.  

If for any reason you feel a team member, manager or client has done something offensive please fill out the confidential form below.  Champ's takes all team member complaints seriously to ensure a positive and professional work environment exists at every level. 

Confidential Concern 

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When you were hired and onboarded at Champ's you should have received a handbook detailing our policies and operating procedures.  If you did not, please contact your immediate supervisor for a copy.  

We expect all team members follow our policies and procedures.  At times, we may communicate a change to policy or procedure depending on business needs.  We ask that our team members be flexible to change.  In return, we at Champ's promise the same.  If you have any questions or concerns about a policy or procedure please talk to your immediate supervisor so we can all understand your concern together.  

While we have policies and procedures we also have understanding.  Again, please bring any questions to us if you are unclear.  


For us to be successful we must be present and ready to work.  Champ's offers PTO & Sick time.  Please read our attendance and PTO policy here.  

If you are not going to make it in to work, you must call your immediate supervisor (text is not an option).  We also ask that you fill out the form by clicking here

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