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Grooming Meeting 

Tuesday November 8th 


  • What is your favorite breed to groom? 

  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years

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What is a BatherBox?

The Bather Box Dog Bathing System (Formerly known as the Bath Master) allows groomers at home or at work to bathe animals in a fraction of the time of hand bathing. The Bather Box Dog Bathing System is the perfect tool for the professional groomer or for at home use. This commercial grade system is not only more time efficient in bathing, but also saves you money by optimizing the amount of shampoo and conditioner that is used. The Bather Box Dog Bathing System utilizes a patented "Accu-Mixer" system that mixes the exact amount of shampoo and conditioner needed to get the job efficiently done.

Includes the BatherBox unit, two 14' vinyl pickup tubes, one blue outlet hose, one blue inlet hose, one spray nozzle, four wall anchors for mounting, four ceramic weights, four foot valve strainers, four gallon caps, and 4 screws.


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