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Information Page About Booking Online

This page is a page you can send to clients directly from Gingr.  This answers all the questions about booking online.  It also, prompts them to create a new account for new clients.

Expired Vaccines

Hello this is Champs Dog House reaching out to let you know that your pup has some expired vaccines. We will need
to be provided with vaccine records before your reservation. Please upload your vaccines to your account by using our

Download the Gingr for Pet Parents App


Click the link below and use our facility code 995955. Remember to use your email address we have on file and reset your password as you are an EXISTING client. If you have any questions let us know. Thank you! Use Facility Code 995955

Set up New Account 

  • Create Personal Info 

  • Create Pet Info  

  • Download app - 

  • Add facility using code 995955 

  • Clients will have to upload vaccinations - we have 24 hours to approve the vaccinations so that we can.  

Update Credit Cards

Hello this is Champs Dog House reaching out to let you know that you need to update your card on file due to our change in our credit card processing system. We will need you to update that card as soon as possible. Please update your card to your account by using our app. 

Grooming Do's and Don'ts

For a list of best practices for Grooming.

Same Day 5

[Champ’s Dog House] SAME DAY 5 Alert: Save 5% on all bones and retail tomorrow. You have [xxxxx] in Champ’s bucks to put towards your purchase! Dogs Rule!”

[Champ’s Dog House] SAME DAY 5 Alert: Save 5% on all bones and retail the day of your groom. You’ve got $5.00 in Champ’s Bucks waiting for you by activating your account in the email we just sent to you. Dogs Rule!

Champ's Buck Sign Up

Did you get your $5.00 in Champ’s Bucks?  Sign up for our rewards program here and get $5.00 instantly:

Puppy Training

Thank's for your interest in puppy training.  Please fill out the form on the page here:

48 hour - Need CC on File

Your grooming appointment with Champ's Dog House is within 48 hours.  To keep your appointment we must put a credit card on file 24 hours prior to your appointment.  Please call us at 609-654-4170 to update your card.  If we do not hear from you within 24 hours of your groom your appointment will be cancelled.  

Mobile Grooming Calls

Good [morning, afternoon].  I am calling because I noticed we didn't have you on the schedule your next mobile groom.  For a limited time we are offering a 5% discount if you book with me today.  We'll be in your area next....


I just left you a voicemail about a day we had open for mobile grooming in your area.  As a limited time promo we are also offering 5% for booking a mobile grooming appt with us today.  Call me at …. to schedule your next groom and save 5%. 

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